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Do you know you Belong?

Do you BELONG? I met the most fascinating man recently. Ray and his caucasian wife Barb lived on the edges of wild Alaska for many decades. They lived with wolves, dog sledded across the winter wilderness; survived frostbite and plane crashes and still found a way to...

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Plan Be and the ramblings of a Vagabonder

So, my dear friends…here is the update on my upcoming audacious journey. I leave Maui on June 28th for Oakland. After a couple days in the Bay area, I’ll head to Tahoe to offer my assistance to a man who is facing his end of days and his family who are in great need....

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What I’ve learned from improv class

For about a year I've been taking Improv classes on Maui. It's my therapy and now is becoming a way of life as I move forward on my Audacious World Teaching/Service Tour. I'm gonna be a Vagabonder...not knowing what I'll be doing or where I'll be day to day. We at...

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University on Wheels

For a couple of months the phrase from David Whyte's poem keeps coming to the surface of my busy mind...'leave everything your know behind.' As I prepare to leave Maui to embark on this next phase of my life, I don't know what is ahead. I know I want to be in the hot...

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The Intelligence of Pleasure

Our bodies are so incredibly intelligent.   Let me say that again…our bodies are incredibly intelligent. Like a young child’s mind, they are hungry for stimulation that is creative and entertaining. In physical lovemaking, we often ignore much of the body but all of...

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Grow up! Show up! Man up!

Secrets to Satisfying Sex (For men only) Whether single or coupled, or whatever your relationship path is, these tips will almost guarantee more sex satisfaction in your life. If single, this is how you will potentially attract a partner; and if coupled, this is how...

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