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FAQs and Payment

Options ~ Options ~ Options

  1. Phone or skype sessions. (See below for more information.)
  2. In-person sessions. I can see singles, couples or groups on Maui or in your location usually one to 3 hours.
  3. Intensive single or multi-day sessions from 3-6 hours per day for up to 6 days.

Personal Coaching or Psychotherapy
Sessions are usually 50 minutes unless previously discussed. Couple’s frequently opt for two consecutive sessions as more work can be completed.  The length of each session is up to you and is designed to help you get to meet your goals.

During the first session, we will begin to identify and prioritize your needs and concerns. Ideally we will develop a compassionate and professional relationship that is conducive towards success.

Subsequent sessions will focus on the issues you confronted while doing the homework.  We will then target areas where you met resistance or blocks.

Executive or Management Coaching/Leadership Development
The process to establish a successful and productive coaching relationship requires a full assessment of the presenting issues.  Sessions can then be tailored to meet the individual, team, or corporate needs.

For coaching sessions you will be given assignments related to your goals and aspirations.  It is best if you can use maximum effort to complete your assignments.  As your guide, I would love to see you successful and fulfilled with meeting your goals.  When blocks do occur, and they usually do, I will guide you to break through in order to fulfill your personal goals.

I am available for sessions during the day, some evenings and occasional weekend days.  We can work out a time that is mutually convenient.  It is best to call for an appointment however I check email daily.  If I am not traveling out of the country, I usually am able to get back to you within 24 hours.

Same day appointments are occasionally available although it is preferred to schedule ahead.

Many clients choose a regular time to do sessions.  You can be assured of your session at your preferred time when scheduling in this way.  The frequency of appointments is up to you however, most receive maximum benefit from weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

Phone or Skype appointments
The phone number to reach me is 808-419-8200 (U.S.).
Another option is to use Skype , a computer based telephone/optional video communication service.  Skype is free to set up.  For information, contact www.skype.com.  Skype to skype calls are free and usable throughout the world. My skype username is: EdFell1

When working via the phone, it may be helpful to have a hands-free device for your comfort. If you are a ‘couple’ seeking phone guidance I suggest the use of either two phones (with hands free capability) or get a speaker phone.

Missed appointments
I understand that life requires flexibility and that you may need to cancel or change an appointment time.  Please provide 24 hours notice if that is possible.  I am grateful for your consideration in this matter.  You will be charged for sessions missed so please notify me if you are unable to make the call or in-person session.

I do understand that personal and relational issues may reach crisis points.  I will make every attempt to answer phone calls without an appointment to assist you.

In order to receive the full benefit of your session, I recommend being on time.  As a minder, I am on Hawaii time in the U.S., and we will need to remain clear about the time zones appointments are scheduled.


Payment may be by check, credit card or through the pay pal option below. I also accept payments in person with credit cards through Square.

You may safely pay with Pay Pal: