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I’m about to embark on a WILD audacious teaching and service adventure.


I’m asking for your help. My Goal for this teaching and service endeavor is $50,000!

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Beginning this summer, I’m embarking on a University on Wheels tour around the world. The current plan is to on the road for years; perhaps for the rest of my life.  In my years as therapist/coach, a Certified Leader in Mankind Project and other Wisdom schools, I’ve gathered a vast curriculum of teachings and knowledge; and now, I want to give back. My sense of urgency for creating global change and leaving a legacy is important to me.  And, I want to have fun and meet amazing people.

The Plan is to purchase a used truck and small trailer; or to live on the road from my car; pack it with a few belongings and lots of projects, teachings, writings and workshop material to last years of being on the road. At times, other visiting teachers will join me to offer their gifts to those who yearn to learn. I’ll park in communities that welcome me and are open to the group and individual experiences we offer. I’ll stay a while and then move to the next global community.

 $$$ Stuff that you may want to know for sessions: 

I’ve changed my way of working with people and groups. I will no longer be charging a set fee for my services in working with individuals or groups or even consulting. I have many personal and philosophical reasons for doing this which I can share at another time. What this means to you or your group is that I will accept any appreciation in any form that comes to the Appreciation Bowl. This wooden bowl was turned by my Maui friend, Paul Pyzna, a master wood worker whose art is filled with skill and much aloha.

I ask that you consider what is in alignment with your finances and donate your appreciation accordingly. Or, if you prefer to write a few words of appreciation instead, that is perfect for me as well. I may have to limit the number of individuals, couples’ or groups that I can work with so please be patient. Know that you are appreciated.  

 I.   Individual, Relationship and Group Sessions via in-person or through the zoom.
*  Sacred Intimacy for Committed Couples
*  Individual Healing from trauma
*  Sacred Sexuality for men; transforming the relationship and sexual shadows
*   Coaching on Purpose and Mission; getting what you desire from your life.


II. WE Groups: A radical and magical interactive group process that transcends separateness; honors difference, heals cultural rifts, creates connection and expanded awareness. WE groups grow into WE Communities…then real change happens.

*  Shadow watching and interventions skills training. To train leaders, boards and groups to discover and remove blocks that prevent higher functioning and healthier relationships.


* Together with Matrix (WE Group) Leadership Technology (MatrixLeadership.org), this work can radically shift a group and a community quickly.


*  Diversity Ally Training; how to spot and skillfully intervene with the ‘isms’ that surround us.

‘*  It’s a Matter of Life and Death’ Transforming our relationship to death and grief


III. Webinars and Video Blogs along the way on matters of head, heart and soul.

Shadow Watching and Facilitation Webinars for Mankind Project Elders and Leaders.


Mahalo and Bless You For Your Generosity

Phone or Zoom internet video appointments
The phone number to reach me is 808-419-8200 (U.S.).
More and more sessions are done via zoom.  Before each session, I’ll text or email you your Zoom ID.  Zoom.us is the platform that is most useful.
















































































































































































































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