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Who Are Ed’s Clients?

For Individuals:
Re-start every aspect of your life.  Examine and change your beliefs and patterns around through individual coaching, group coaching and workshops.

  • Relationships
  • Intimacy
  • Financial Success
  • Living Purposefully
  • Personal Leadership skills
  • Building your Personal Code for Living
  • Sexuality
  • Trauma work
  • Spiritual Awakening


For Couples:
Discover the brilliance of you really are through your intimacy with your partner.  Couples non-traditional therapy; Couples’ Groups; Workshops

  • Increase Emotional Intimacy
  • Relationship as a guide to your own unfolding; Partner as Teacher and Healer
  • Awakening to Deeper Profound Levels of Love and Acceptance
  • Tantric and Sacred Sexuality Education


I offer workshops in a variety of subjects:

  • Intimacy Training for Couples
  • Mens’ Mastery Lover Series
  • Sacred Sexuality and Tantra


The EXCLUSIVE* is a full day or multi-day immersion into your healing. Ed will co-construct the processes with you in order to reach your goals. Exclusives may include multi-hour sessions, meditation, exercise and solo homework to integrate the lessons and healing. Clients are encouraged to remove all distractions in order to receive the maximum benefit.

EXCLUSIVE packages are available at your location.  All travel, food, and lodging expenses are paid for by the client.

*Exclusives are subject to Ed’s availability.

” Ed, you said to me “You are going to help a lot of people some day”! Your words meant so much to me. I knew you saw something in me that I always new I had, but was afraid of! I embraced your words and that gift in me. My life has changed dramatically ever since. You were right! Thank you for seeing me!”

Tracy S. - Pennsylvania

“Your facilitation and wisdom really opened me up to possibilities in my power, my relations and my love that were always there, but I couldn’t access…gifts I didn’t know I had. I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for 16 years. Nothing was broken or missing that I could identify, but I had allowed myself to believe that newness and discovery were over. I went into the workshop as a skeptic, but that armor quite fitting as we moved into the first exercise. Now I see pathways for growth in my relationship and all of those pathways look to be paved with Joy. The work laid out infront of me looks like play again!” Brian H. Kansas City, MO.