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So, my dear friends…here is the update on my upcoming audacious journey. I leave Maui on June 28th for Oakland. After a couple days in the Bay area, I’ll head to Tahoe to offer my assistance to a man who is facing his end of days and his family who are in great need. I hope to introduce ‘WE’ group technology to those who are interested. Go ahead, ask me what that is in a separate email.

From there, I don’t know. I don’t know is often the answer that I offer to those who ask what will you do? Or how will you live? Or how will you make a living? Hell, I don’t even know what I’m going to write in this next sentence.

Daily, I’m leaning into any fear that crops up around financial survival as well as it’s opposite medicine of trust that if I follow what my calling is, I’ll be ok. I know I won’t live with regret. I’m informed by both trust and fear. These past weeks has been like a little death. I’ve been finding new homes for most of my possessions; saying goodbye for now to dear friends and the big one… the death of the illusion of certainty of what life will look like tomorrow.

Answer: I don’t know.

We often use the phrase…’making a living’ which has been synonymous with making money. ‘F’ that. Making a living for me is becoming more about how can I appreciate this life that flows through all of us and be in service to TRUTH and each other. For years, I’ve been doing inner work on stripping away the lies and patterns of life that, in the past, have defined who I am. What’s left after the patterns and illusions are gone? I’ve gotten a taste of that and yearn for more.

When I look back on my life, I’m amazed at seeing how a greater power has been holding me all along; but I have to provide my own effort too. I’ve always sought out mentors in my life; not the kind that offers sweet words or just comforting support and love; but the kind who were willing to confront the lies and illusions and demand TRUTH. Under those illusions is the real me. I am willing to mentor you in what I’ve discovered, but I promise it won’t be easy.

And if you’ve read this far, here is another lesson I’ve been digesting. For too long I’ve waited for ‘inspiration’ to guide me and then I’ll move into action. ‘F’ that too. I’m learning that action comes first; then inspiration will follow. My mission as a leader in the Mankind Project has always been…’I act and my visions become real’. That’s my next step…go to Oakland. The archetype of the Adventurer asks the most important question…’What can I do to be of service?’ He isn’t promised ease and a sweet journey; hell no; he will face trials and uncertainty. That’s the heroes journey we are all on.

As far as the GoFundMe project, I’m way short of the goal to secure a used trailer. So Plan Be is to ship my hybrid car to the mainland and survive with what comes in. If so inspired, please donate on my website (www.EdFell.com). I’m open to being a mentor and guide for your next evolution and am at your service whether you contribute or not.

I’ll be blogging more as I am able. I hope these words land in a place that inspires action. Big love to you all….