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Seven Tantric Levels of Experience:

First Level:

This is the first of a series of blogs around my path of teaching tantra.  Each of the seven levels has volumes of information and I am choosing to offer  only small bits.  My hope is that it will inspire your own inquiry and, more importantly a meditative practice.    If there is a desire to learn more; or to experience tantra (the best way to learn) please contact me to guide you.

I’ll write about 7 levels of experience that have the potential to fully awaken all that there is within…and awaken the world around us. Tantra is not just a cool thing for our own awakening; but it is for our world community.

There is a tendency for the Ego to accept some experiences, while rejecting others.  We want to embrace joy and pleasure; but think something is wrong if we are angry, sad or afraid.  Each state of our emotional or physical being offers a different experience.  Often we deny or repress anything that the Ego considers negative or bad. This has consequences that we may not intend.  Consider that we as living beings are here to experience all that this life has to offer. Joy, ecstasy, pain, sensations, grief, rage and our incredibly intelligent bodies.

The practice of tantra requires you to lose your mind.  Your brilliant thinking function can not experience or receive ANYTHING!   It’s nature and function is to offer a never ending flow of words or ideas, judgments, criticisms, and strategies…like a word machine in your head.

Read this to yourself, out loud.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.  Ideas, language,

and even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense. 


When I first read this poem decades ago, I thought it was simply a great inspirational poem. After revisiting it, I’ve allowed the teachings within to inspire my inner student to explore this ‘field’.  Most of us live in that world of Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, Past or Present.  (GBRWPP)  Even as you read these words, you may find yourself there.  It’s ok, you winning comes from being aware that you are in GBRWPP.

For the student, it’s often so hard to let go of the mind or thinking functions.  This mind chatter numbs out or even eliminates our intimate experiences.  The world of full experience becomes elusive when the mind or Ego take over.   As a lover, how much of your energy is spent in the world of thoughts of the GBRWPP… ‘I hope she is liking what I am doing?’  ‘Wow, this is not as good as last week’s love making, I wonder what’s wrong?’  ‘I am going to orgasm, or should I wait?’  ‘Oh, that was really a good time, that feels so good, I hope this continues for a while.’  Osho said that ‘sex is the highest form of meditation’, meaning that it can transport us and others to ‘that field’ that Rumi speaks of in his poem.  The wall between the world of ideas vanishes and the world of tantric experience transports us to the emptiness and fullness of the infinite all.  All that remains is our own nature of who we are…’loving kindness’.


The first level of experience is our own being, our emotions, sensations and our bodies. Most have some sense of experiencing the body but I know the potential to experience our own bodies is infinite. Consider that our awareness of our body is more like a dimmer switch which can go from no sensation (full numbness) through awareness of our body even at a cellular level. We have that capacity. Our capacity for body joy or orgasm is determined  by our awareness of sensation on our dimmer switch. We can expand this capacity with practice.  What are your physical sensations of your different emotions, or desires, hopes, etc.  What is your sensation when you laugh or cry?  If you are able to notice, there will be a corresponding body reaction to every emotion that can be experienced as a sensation.

PRACTICE:  Meditation of Touch

For at least 6 times a week spend some quality time with your own body.  Surrender any goals you might have of pleasure or orgasm.  Your only aim is to be in your experience…or even to experience your experience beyond the mind.

  1.  In a lying down position, breathe deeply and regularly.  Notice what your experience is.
  2. Slowly touch your own body…hands, face, ears, legs…your whole body.  As much as possible avoid the GBRWPP world by not judging one touch as good and another bad.  Trust the experience while continuing to breathe deeply.  Don’t chase anything.  As you enter the world of experience, the other world of GBRWPP will naturally lesson it’ grip on you.
  3.  Now, become aware of where your fingers are touching.  Put all of your awareness to that part that is stimulated.  Vary your touch from firm, to tickling, to scratching, rubbing, fast, or slow.  Your experiencing the sensations from the body side, not the fingers.  Pay particular attention to where there is a crease in the body (inner elbow, backs of knees, between fingers, etc.) vs the rest.  Where is their lots of sensation and notice when there is very little.
  4. Now, move your awareness to your fingers as they explore and touch.  Notice their sensations as they experience your skin and body.  Which fingers feel more, feel less.  Which hand experiences more.  Now get lost in not thinking about it, but experiencing your fingers…beyond the mind of GBRWPP.
  5. Complete your session with some appreciation of your breath and body.