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University on Wheels

Now I’ve gone an done it. I don’t know whether it is a kick in the pants or spirit guiding; but I’m leaving Maui, and heading to ???

I just know that I have so much to offer and give back; and much to learn. I see so much ‘off’ around me and want to do something about it. The plan is to get a van or trailer to live in; travel to the hot spots that where my own consciousness and compassion can merge with right action to make a difference. I will load up said vehicle with teaching tools that have been gathering for decades.

Creating WE groups and WE communities:
* Address diversity and difference and the clash of cultures in a positive and truthful way
* Create community based on deepening relationships
* Groups based not on what your issues are; but on building bridges in relationships.

Sacred Relating:
* Addressing intimacy issues with couples
* Address men and their shadows around sexuality
* Making consent and permission and RESPECT as an integral part of our cultures and conversations

Shadow Group Work
* Addressing and intervening with group or corporate shadows
* How to create major cultural shifts

Death and Life
* It’s a Matter of Life and Death’ workshops
* How to support individuals and families facing death
* How can death inform life.